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Get out of the city and grow, learn and thrive at our educational Farm Program for children. Enjoy a week of “farm camp” with chickens, geese, goats, rabbits, pig, cow and lots of horses, cats and dogs too! Learn the care and maintenance of each of the farm animals and get active with gardening, environmental studies and even learn to ride a horse. Academics are important as well and the entire program is taught by an experienced, Oregon State Certified Teacher.

To register your child for a Summer Program at OMF, Inc., please fill out the form below and you will receive an email confirmation with a payment link.

The six sessions of The Summer Program are for students going into 2nd-6th grade and the Jr. Vet Feline/Canine (Cats and Dogs) is for students going into 4th-12th grade.

Please note we will need this form for EACH student

The Summer Program this year is $229 and the the Jr. Vet. Feline and Canine (Cats and Dogs) is $239. Transportation via bus from Lloyd Center area is $48/child per session.

Is your child at least 12+ and a returning student? If you are interested in being a ‘Gray Shirt?’, click here.

  • The Summer Program, Session I, June 25-29 “Scalloway” Week
    Each Summer Program is similar but this week we will focus on our American Miniature Horse, Scalloway. This breed originated in the Shetland Islands and then Argentina.
  • The Summer Program, Session II, July 9-13, “Ruffy” Week
    This week we will focus on our Miniature Sicilian Donkey, Ruffian Ragusa or Ruffy. This breed originated in Sicily.
  • The Summer Program, Session III, July 16-20, “Clancy” Week
    This week we will focus on our Shetland Pony, J. Clancy Derrick, III. This breed originated in the Shetland Islands.
  • The Summer Program, Session IV, July 23-27, “Cambria” Week
    This week we will focus on our Welsh Pony, Cambria. This breed originated in Wales.
  • Jr. Vet. Feline/Canine (Cats and Dogs), July 30-August 3
    If you have ever thought about becoming a veterinarian, then this is the class for you. Learn the diagnostic plan that Vets. use to determine a treatment plan for our beloved pets, our cats and dogs. Learn how to maintain health, how to treat ailments, when to call a Vet., how to vaccinate and de-worm, the K.I.S.S. principle and more. For ages 9 and up.
  • The Summer Program, Session V, August 6-10, “Kirby” Week
    This week we will focus on our Morgan Horse, Fircrest Rawley, or Kirby. This breed originated in Vermont, U.S.A. and has quite a history in that state. Horses were an extremely important part of America’s history.
  • The Summer Program, Session VI, August 13-17, “J.P. Morgan” Week
    This week we will focus on our Morgan Horse, John Pierpont Morgan “J.P.” This breed originated in Vermont and was the first American breed of horse. They were extensively utilized in the American Civil War.

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