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  • The Summer Program, Session I, June 25-29 “Scalloway” Week
    Each Summer Program is similar but this week we will focus on our American Miniature Horse, Scalloway. This breed originated in the Shetland Islands and then Argentina.
  • The Summer Program, Session II, July 9-13, “Ruffy” Week
    This week we will focus on our Miniature Sicilian Donkey, Ruffian Ragusa or Ruffy. This breed originated in Sicily.
  • The Summer Program, Session III, July 16-20, “Clancy” Week
    This week we will focus on our Shetland Pony, J. Clancy Derrick, III. This breed originated in the Shetland Islands.
  • The Summer Program, Session IV, July 23-27, “Cambria” Week
    This week we will focus on our Welsh Pony, Cambria. This breed originated in Wales.
  • Jr. Vet. Feline/Canine (Cats and Dogs), July 30-August 3
    If you have ever thought about becoming a veterinarian, then this is the class for you. Learn the diagnostic plan that Vets. use to determine a treatment plan for our beloved pets, our cats and dogs. Learn how to maintain health, how to treat ailments, when to call a Vet., how to vaccinate and de-worm, the K.I.S.S. principle and more. For ages 9 and up.
  • The Summer Program, Session V, August 6-10, “Kirby” Week
    This week we will focus on our Morgan Horse, Fircrest Rawley, or Kirby. This breed originated in Vermont, U.S.A. and has quite a history in that state. Horses were an extremely important part of America’s history.
  • The Summer Program, Session VI, August 13-17, “J.P. Morgan” Week
    This week we will focus on our Morgan Horse, John Pierpont Morgan “J.P.” This breed originated in Vermont and was the first American breed of horse. They were extensively utilized in the American Civil War.

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Gray “T” shirts with title and student’s first name are required for all Gray Shirts-SSH or SCC. Sweatshirts are not required but highly recommended. We recommend at least two shirts so one can be worn while the other is in the wash and one sweatshirt as the mornings are usually chilly out in Corbett. Students will get dirty while out at OMF but must come to OMF clean and tidy to start each day.

A note:

  • Each student must wear clean black, tan or blue long pants that are not too tight (you have to pick your leg up to mount a horse), do not have writing on them or rips or tears. Also, pants must have belt loops and students must wear belts. Belts are required.
  • OMF shirts are to be tucked in always. Students are to come to OMF clean and tidy.
  • Each student must wear tied-on, sturdy shoes. “Tennis” or “Running” shoes are not recommended because they do not help if a 1,000-pound horse steps on your foot…a hiking type boot is highly recommended.
  • Only one pair of earrings can be worn. Do not wear any other jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets; these are unsafe on a farm.
  • Students are to wear or have a watch each day; please do not rely on your phone…get a watch. While our programs are in session, Gray Shirt students are not allowed to have their mobile phones out.
  • Students with long hair must clip and tie back hair. Your hair is not allowed to flop in your face or in front of your eyes. Students will not be allowed to join us on that day if they are unable to comply with the standards written here. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding on this topic.