Volunteer Corps Form

Old McDonald's Farm, Inc. (OMF)

Release of All Claims


employee or volunteer on behalf of will volunteer my services for Old McDonald's Farm, Inc., hereinafter called "OMF," on or about the property located at
1001 SE Evans Road,
Corbett, Oregon,

“The undersigned hereby assumes all risk of personal injury or death, and loss of or damage to property in custody or possession of undersigned, which shall in any manner arise from or be caused by any equipment or apparatus of any kind whatsoever, whether due to the negligence of OMF or any of its officers, directors, employees, or other volunteers, in any manner arising or growing out of the above mentioned purpose. The undersigned personally and on behalf of his/her parents, guardians, applicable organization, executors, administrators and dependents, hereby releases and forever discharges OMF and its officers, directors, employees, or other volunteers, from any and all claims, demands, causes of action or liabilities and costs of every kind by reason of any such injury, death, loss or damage to property; and the undersigned does hereby further agree to indemnify and hold harmless OMF from and against any and all such claims, demands, causes of action or liabilities for any such injury, death, loss or damage.

It is understood and agreed to that execution of this release assures OMF that the conduct of undersigned while in, on or about OMF property and/or equipment will not conflict with general, safety and operating rules of OMF operations. It is further understood that this includes, but is not limited to, the prohibition of the use of alcohol or narcotics, or being under their influence while thereon, also playing of practical jokes, or scuffing or other activities jeopardizing the safety of undersigned or that of others.

I hereby grant you and your assigns the irrevocable right to use forever any film, video tape, audio tape, photographs, slides, or combination thereof, for inclusion in any promotional or advertising purposes and I agree to appear without pay.”

We would like to thank you in advance and on our web site for your volunteer time spent with us. If you would like to be on our e-mail list to learn of further volunteer opportunities, programs or events, financial needs of OMF and to stay in touch, please include your contact information below.

In the event we need to contact you please provide your Cell Phone, email address and an Emergency Contact.

**If participant is under age of 18, must have parent or guardian accept this form.

By checking this box I certify that I have read, understood and agreed to these conditions.