Autumn Educational Enrichment Program

As a non-profit, children’s program that is passionate about teaching and reaching kids and as a response to two requests from parents…we are going to give it a try this Fall 2020. Our new Autumn Educational Enrichment Program (AEEP) will be taught by an Oregon State Certified Teacher and will be held at our beautiful, Farm Program facility in Corbett. We will learn academics as well as focus on the social and emotional wellbeing of these students. This is new, but we opened to teach and serve students in 1996.

Enrollment begins now and we start September 15! We will be enrolling eight (8) students’ maximum that are going into 1st-3rd only for each Tuesday and Thursday until November 19th. We will accept six students at full rate and will scholarship two students in need at half off. We will be on a month by month basis. The cost is $349/month and $69/month for our bus. We will offer our own Old McDonald’s Farm, Inc. bus to pick up and drop off students at the Mall 205 area. If you are interested, contact us right away. Eight children maximum and five students minimum required to run this program. Please let others know.

We will adhere to all of the current Covid 19 restrictions. Much more information on that will be forthcoming.
Email for the details!

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE for each Tuesday and Thursday: (The breaks are scheduled in.):
09:00 Parents drop students off and we pick them up. (If you are transporting your own student then please bring them to OMF, Inc. at 9:30. Find directions at

09:40 Get To Know You (Work on communication skills, play ‘get to know you’ games and discuss the day.)

10:00 Morning Chores (While doing daily chores, nurturing, respect, health care and feeding needs of all our “teaching tools,” our Farm Program animals will be taught. Students will participate in cooperative learning activities as they feed and interact with our Farm Program animals.)

11:15 Story Time (Students will be taught to enjoy listening while enjoying a fun story about farm animals.)

11:30 Soup’s On Lunch Time (Students will be instructed in hygiene and manners as well as, how to recycle and compost the waste from their lunches. Students need to bring their own healthy lunch and water bottle each day.)

12:00 Animal Math (A mathematic lesson will be taught each day that incorporates the State standards as it relates to our Farm Program animals.)

12:30 Bring on the Games (Students will participate in age appropriate games that encourage team building, problem solving, and all out fun while they stretch their legs.)

01:00 Reading, Writing, Oh My (A language arts lesson will be taught each day that incorporates the State standards as it relates to our Farm Program animals, garden and environmental resources.)

01:30 Hand’s On Animals (Animal husbandry and animal life science will be taught each day,)

02:00 “Hay” I liked that (Giving and receiving compliments will be emphasized as well as what each student enjoyed about their day. Please include a simple, healthy snack for the student to eat at this time also.)

02:30 Good Bye! (Please pick up your student at 2:30 if you are transporting them. Adult supervision will not be available past this time unless we are transporting the student on our OMF, Inc. bus.)

03:00 We drop off students and parents pick them up.

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