Saturday One-Day Workshops

Each season, we at Old McDonald’s Farm, Inc. (a non-profit, children’s charity), offer Saturday One-Day Workshops. They are different each year. These programs offer a variety of topics that are of interest to “our kids” and are equally good for first-timers as well as alumni students that want to brush up on the topics. Either way, come learn at and enjoy our Farm Program and see all our “educators,” our Farm Program animals. We look forward to you joining us!

Donkey Day – 6/15


Join Old McDonald’s Farm, Inc. (a non-profit, children’s program) for a one-day, Donkey Day. Donkeys are Equines, but they ARE NOT horses or ponies! They are a very different breed, indeed. Learn all about what they are and what they are not, how to care for them and meet and enjoy our donkeys. It will be a day full of donkeys…come learn all about them! Please bring a sack lunch. For kids in 3rd grade and up. 9:00-3:30, Bus times are 8:30 and 4:00. Meet the bus at 15th/Irving NE. For 14 students max. $89 per student and $14 for the bus.

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If You Take Our Bus:

The Bus for Old McDonald’s Farm, Inc. (OMF) parking is now at Concorde Career College, 1425 NE Irving St, Portland OR 97232. You can enter on NE 15th/Irving where it is paved. Head north under the building and then turn right. Head east to the back of the property away from all of those buildings. Look for our bus and the really, really, big, old Crimson tree. Concorde Career College has kindly offered this drop off/pick up space to us but please be respectful and do not linger there because we do not want to take up their student parking. They have asked us to drive slowly and watch out for the young people “racing in there” that are late for classes. Please drive super slowly and be careful as it is tight and there are many pedestrians. PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE DOWN THE GRAVEL ROAD AT CONCORDE COLLEGE. There is no access for parents on the gravel road even though our OMF bus will drive on it. If parents drive on the gravel road, we may lose this parking privilege at Concorde. (The bus is too tall to fit under the buildings.)

Thank you to the kind folks at Concorde Career College for this!

If You Are Driving Yourself and/or Your Student:

Please find directions here.  Please note that due to limited staff at these Saturday One-Day Workshops, if a parent is late at the bus stop or we have trouble, we may be late to OMF, Inc. in Corbett.  Please be patient, we are coming. Thanks.