Jr. Vet. Program

Each year we teach a different Jr. Vet. Program (Week). In the past we have taught, a Jr. Vet. Equine Week (horses and ponies), a Jr. Vet. Ruminant Week (goats, sheep and cows), a Jr. Vet. Feline/Canine (cats and dogs), etc. We change it each year. All of these Program Weeks include health, housing and feeding needs of the subject animal(s). If you have ever thought about becoming a veterinarian or a vet. technician, then this is the class for you. Learn the diagnostic plan that Vets. use to determine a treatment plan. Learn how to maintain health, their lifespan, how to treat ailments, when to call a Vet., how to vaccinate and de-worm, the K.I.S.S. principle and more. The Jr. Vet. Program (Week) is taught by an Oregon State Certified Teacher. Please bring a sack lunch.

The Jr. Vet. Baby Bunny Week, July 20-24


Jr. Vet. is closed. Please see our other programs


The Jr. Vet. Baby Bunny Week is specific to rabbits, but we will have many opportunities to meet all of our Farm Program animals (including horses) and learn from them. We will enjoy an in-depth study of these little furry animals. During this Jr. Vet. week, we will have baby bunnies to enjoy and we will learn to care for them and care for adult rabbits too. This is an academic and skill building class and is taught by an Oregon State Certified Teacher.

For Students going into 4th-High School. 18 students maximum. $259 for the week plus $48 Bus.

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Unless OMF obtains the container with preprinted, pharmacy instructions and a written release and instructions from you we cannot dispense any prescription medications. For nonprescription medications, we must have a written note with instructions, date and signature of parent or guardian along with original container. Please do not give any medications directly to the student to be taken while at OMF to ensure that another child does not come in contact with your medication. Your understanding is appreciated!

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The above named student may participate in any of the programs offered this summer at Old McDonald’s Farm, Inc. (OMF, Inc.). I have the authority to act on this student’s behalf and I release OMF, Inc. and its representatives from liability in the event of accidental injury or illness. I give my permission for this student to receive emergency medical treatment. I accept full responsibility for any expense incurred in providing medical treatment for this child. I understand the inherent risks of working on a farm, in a garden, in nature, with farm animals and including working with and riding horses.
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COVID NOTICE – What is happening on Fridays?

Given the Virus, we are not doing our Friday Wrap Up Party as usual. Friends and family are not welcome to join us on Friday afternoons please, as in the past. We will end at noon Fridays so please plan to pick up your student at the Farm Program at noon on Fridays only or we will transport students back to Portland if they have been taking the bus all week. Please pick up your student at 12:30 on Fridays at Concorde Career College if we are transporting them.


  • Monday-Friday, 8:30-2:50
  • (Bus Times 7:50 & 3:30 p.m.)
  • The Summer Program and Jr. Vet. Program Week presentations for the parents are on Fridays from 2:00 sharp to 3:30.  “Gray Shirts” give presentations too.  Please bring something to share. Finger food is best but whatever you want to share is fine by us. OMF is not coordinating the food.

What is the cost?

The cost of the Summer Program is $249 per student. The cost of the Jr. Vet. Week is $259.