OMF Volunteers Leading Goats
Do you need Volunteer Hours? We’re looking for helpers (over 10 years old) wanting a fun, different way to fulfill that volunteer commitment.

We at Old McDonald’s Farm, Inc. can help you get those hours while you help us help Portland area kids. We are a non-profit, children’s charity and we need you!

What we need from you?

Help us help children by lending a hand with our Spring Clean/Open House in May or June each year.

Gather up a group of volunteers from your work, school, church, etc. and schedule a date with us…we always have projects that need to be done for every skill level ranging from carpentry to gardening to cleaning/oiling tack (horse equipment). We can always find projects that need to be done any time of year and in any weather. Please call or email us.

Help us at one of our special events throughout the year such as at our annual Pumpkin Pick event the first weekend in October. Please call or email us.

If you just want to come out on your own and brush horses, trim bunny toe nails, etc. we would be happy to put you to work to help us help kids and take great care of our “teaching instructors,” our Farm Program animals. Please let us know, we would be happy to get a date down on the calendar. Please call or email us.

What do you get from us?

Feel good about helping our small non-profit program and enjoy a different way to fulfill your needed volunteer hours.

We would be happy to give you a good reference if you work hard and volunteer with us.

What do you say? Call 503-695-3316, email omf@oldmcdonaldsfarm.org or
sign up online here.

“Thank you” to all the folks this past year that have rolled up their sleeves and dug in to help us improve our educational programs and farm site also. We literally would not be able to serve a single child if it were not for all the volunteers who cared or care so deeply for our mission to serve children. A ‘thank you’ seems inadequate but with limited time and resources all we can offer is a heartfelt thank you to each of you from the folks at Old McDonald’s Farm, Inc. Thank you again.