Morning Chores

Morning Chores with Stephanie

The Morning Chores Package

The Morning Chores Package is an intense, educational opportunity. It is recommended for students 5 years and above.

  • Learn nutritional needs and how to feed and care for all types of livestock.
  • Learn commercial uses of the animals including chickens, pig, goats, horses and cow.
  • Learn the names and breeds of the animals and the countries where the breeds originated.
  • Learn to approach and communicate with a variety of animals on the farm by spending time with them in their own farm habitat.

For up to 14 people maximum. For up to 4 people the cost is $50 per class. From 5 to 14 people, it is $50 plus $5 extra per person. Share the cost and share the ride, invite friends and family. Approximately 2 hours.

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