Jr. Vet. Program

(For students going into 4th grade – 12th grades)

We teach a week-long Jr. Vet. Program every summer out at our non-profit, children’s program. In the past, we have taught a Jr. Vet. Equine Program (horses), a Jr. Vet. Ruminant Program (goats, sheep and cows) and a Jr. Vet. Feline/Canine Program (cats and dogs). Please check for the updated schedule on the Home Page of our web site for what we are teaching this summer!

We change this up each year for the week-long program but typically teach at least a one-day Jr. Vet. Equine workshop and sometimes a week-long program too. (The September one-day Jr. Vet. Equine workshop is typically on the last Saturday of the month.) Check for the updated schedule on our web site please.


  • 08:30 Good Morning Gab (Build communication and listening skills and discuss expectations of the day.)
  • 09:00 Morning Chores (While doing daily chores, nurturing, respect, health care and feeding needs of all our “teaching tools,” our Farm Program animals will be taught. Students will participate in cooperative learning activities as they do chores.)
  • 10:00 Vetting (Each day we will explore one of the five stages of a diagnostic plan a veterinarian uses when treating animals. Analytical thinking as well as the importance of clear communication will be emphasized. We will also likely discuss a maintenance diet, health care, housing needs, deworm, vaccinate, trim nails, etc. of each animal or type of animal during this time.)
  • 11:30 Soup’s on Lunch Time (Students will be instructed in hygiene and manners as well as, how to recycle and compost the waste from their lunches. Students need to bring their own healthy lunch.)
  • 12:00 Hand’s On Time with our Project Animal(s) We will spend time getting to know the focus animal(s) and observing their behavior. There is no better way to maintain the health of an animal than to feed them well and by knowing them well enough to know when they are ill or injured. Find out what is “normal.”
  • 12:30 Time for Project Particulars (With the help of OMF staff, students will work independently as well as collaboratively with other students to develop and create a special project. Given instruction, students will develop a diagnostic plan for an animal, and present it orally on the last day of the Jr. Vet. Program. Friends and family are invited to join us Friday at 2:00 sharp! No other, ‘outside’ pets allowed please!)
  • 01:45 Bring on the Games (Students will participate in age appropriate games that encourage team building, problem solving, and all out fun while they stretch their legs.)
  • 02:10 Journal Time (Quiet time to process what they learn daily on the farm through use of webbing/outlining and editing of content, spelling, punctuation and grammar. Children will have the opportunity to share their journal entries with the group.)
  • 02:30 Good Thing/Bad Thing (Wrap up and evaluation of the day through group discussion. The focus will be on celebrating personal successes and giving guidance on giving and receiving compliments.)
  • 02:50 Good Bye! (Please pick up your student at 2:50 if you are transporting them. Adult supervision will not be available past this time unless we are transporting the student on our OMF, Inc. bus.)

Inquire about Jr. Vet. Program availability