“Chicken Chat” Baby Chick Workshop, May 22


Join Old McDonald’s Farm, Inc. (a non-profit, children’s program) for a one-day Workshop! “Chicken Chat” Baby Chick Workshop will explore the stages of development for chicks and full grown chickens too. Learn about life-span, healthy growth of chicks, heritage breeds and how to maintain the good health of adult chickens. Meet our new babies and help us get them settled into living with us at our Farm Program. Enjoy meeting the rest of our Farm Program animals such as gees, ducks, rabbits, cats, dogs, pig, goats, sheep, cow, miniature horse and donkeys, big horses and our cow also. This class is taught by an Oregon State Certified Teacher with nearly three decades of farm animal experience all taught on our beautiful, educational site in Corbett (just past Troutdale).

Available for up to 10 students max. For students in 2nd-6th grades. 9:00-3:15. Our OMF, Inc. Bus Times are 8:15 & 4:00. No bus then please find directions at www.OldMcDonaldsFarm.org and enjoy the drive. $79 per student and $10 for our safe and secure Bus both ways.

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