“Gab With A Goat”


Do you want us to liven up your Zoom or Web Ex meeting? Or do you want to brighten a child’s day or just wish a person ‘happy birthday’ in an unusual way? School groups are welcome to this opportunity too!

We have just the answer for you! Gurara goat is a Nigerian Dwarf and he is a delight on and off camera. He can join you and it will be a hoot. Also, you will be supporting our non-profit, children’s charity called Old McDonald’s Farm, Inc., by scheduling in advance to have Gurara goat (and his person) join you on camera…for about 15 minutes or until he starts to get squirmy. The person can join you for a bit longer to answer questions.

We are happy to answer questions about how he got his name, feeding and dietary needs, 4 stomach chambers and chewing a cud, health, longevity, diseases, exercise, hoof trimming, housing needs, bad behaviors, predators, et cetera. Ask away and we will do our best to answer all of your questions. Please give us notice in advance to join you. Gurara is a very busy goat! A minimum of four days please is required (and more would be great). Please support our non-profit, children’s program by registering below.

Once we have confirmation of payment then we can schedule your “goat-y appointment.”

By the way, we could have a miniature horse, miniature donkey, dachshund dog or a Flemish Giant rabbit join us on another time too. (One animal at a time though and only one animal per meeting please.)

Please fill this out and register and then we will contact you back to determine the details with you via phone or email.  (Seventy-five dollar minimum please but feel free to support our non-profit, children’s program with an extra donation.)

Thank you from your friends at Old McDonald’s Farm, Inc.


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